BH Barista One


Barista Hustle (BH) is the most comprehensive online learning platform in the world aimed at but not exclusively for coffee professionals who want to grow their knowledge, skills and understanding of coffee and the coffee industry. BH courses are intentionally designed to be super informative and accessible and now can be taught by a certified Barista Hustle Coach who can walk you through the online teaching step by step and allow you put those theories into practice.

At Tikis we offer the Barista One course over one day where we will go through the entire course criteria and aim to get you passing the baseline test at the end of the day. But that's not all, we don't want to just fill your brain with coffee knowledge and then let you loose without feeling comfortable in your craft so we offer all barista one students who pass the baseline two of our 1 hour practice sessions where you hone yours skills either assisted or un-assisted. These can be booked with us via email at your own discretion after the BH one course.

Bookings will need to be made no later than 2 days before the date of the course you would like to attend. Timings will be from 9am until 4pm with an hours lunch break at midday.

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