Pantano Espresso


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Origin : The Cerrado, Minas Gerais, Brazil


Varietals: Yellow Bourbon

Process : Pulped Natural

This surprising and delicious espresso is from one Extract's favourite Brazillian coffee farms. They have worked with the Ferrero family since 2015 and have been lucky enough to visit the Pantano Estate themselves.

Fazenda Pantano is a great example of ‘good guy’ coffee farming, protecting people and the planet. The farm goes above and beyond local laws that stipulate 50 hectares of the farm be kept as natural forest, with over 300 hectares of the estate preserved as a dedicated nature reserve.

The Pantano Estate also supports a local school, provides staff training, and is Rainforest Alliance certified.

The Yellow Bourbon cherries carry an intense sweetness, heightened by its pulped natural processing. Ripe cherries are picked and pulped (skins removed) then left to dry with the sticky pulp of the coffee cherry still around the bean. Processing in this way heightens the coffee’s fruity and sweet flavours, in this case giving us a sticky-sweet profile of ginger-snap biscuits, blackberries and chocolate fudge.

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