Terms and conditions

We work hard to make sure everything we send out is as it should be. If something isn't right please contact us and we will try and resolve any problems.

We are definitely a trustworthy lot and take your privacy very seriously. We will never sell or share your personal information.

Tiki's website will not take any of your personal details unless you decide to buy something from the store or try to contact us through the website.

When you buy something from the online store your payment will be handled by Stripe, so we will not be able to see the full details of how you have chosen to make your payment. We have access to your name, address and email address so that we can send you the products that you have bought, or get in touch if we need further information from you.

We aim to get your orders out as fast as possible ideally within 1 - 2 days but depending on how busy we are please allow up to 5 working days.